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January 08, 2007



Totally agree.

You read this....



Yeah, I think that's what I meant. I caught on to Godin a bit late, and when I couldn't get myself to react in the way everybody else did, I just stuck my head in the ground hoping for the whole thing to blow over. But the guy just won't go away. If anything, he's getting bigger, seemingly with still less to say. No escaping it I guess. Ok, at least I'm not alone.


Seth is someone I never get round to. That's my admission. And then when his things happen to be in front of me I've been a little underwhelmed. Like his How To Be Reamarkable tips.

But shouldn't really say anything as I don't know enough of his stuff. Just thought I'd way in with an unbacked-up hunch.


weigh in that is. (you see you should never be negative because you might mispell something and look like a berk.)


The long tie intrigues me though. I once saw a Richard Dawkins lecture during which he also had on a ridiculously long tie.

seth godin

I guess I'm either bad at knotting my tie or really really short.


Seriously? a Seth Godin sighting?

Feels like a mirage. But if real (and welcome), who better to help find out what I missing? I'm really serious about the non-sarcasm part.

Here's my own thinking, since I'm not disputing that there's a lot of value there: I might have been too young / uninterested to grasp the importance of being early mover on viral. If that's indeed a newish phenomenon. So I missed the conversion phase of the crusade. And when I got around to it, it just felt like preaching for the converted. Or for those who'd already learned, stating the obvious. So, if that's the case: is it frustrating to have to say the same thing a billion times when most of the concepts are commonplace or old hat to the original audience? or is the gospel ever-new to the evangelist? the conversion as sweet with the last as with the first?

BTW, re-evaluated the tie. The knot is fine, especially for an American style four-in-hand-knot (which is what it looks like; I'd recommend going for a full Windsor anyway, but nevermind). It's just the short end that's too short. Easily fixed though. I'll even make a deal: enlightenment for tie-tying instructions.

seth godin

All ideas work through a cycle, the Rogers bell curve. By the time your grandma gets an iPod, you may very well have a cranial implant...

Some of my ideas (the ones from, 1992, when I was riffing on email, or a bit later, with viral) are just now getting to a meatier part of the curve.

I try hard to mix those in with ones that are pretty fresh (Digg, anyone?). It's not for everyone, I have no doubt, but if all I did was the edges, I'd sort of be Tom Waits....


Yeah, I see. I like Tom Waits though.
No, seriously, it's a difficult analogy. In a way, Tom Waits is doing the same thing over and over, but I don't think that's what you meant.
Does "not-Tom Waits" mean wanting to reach a broader audience? Fair point then, to prioritize affecting millions in a small way over changing a small group in a more massive way. That I can digg, as the cool kids say.

But I thought the opposite was the whole point - I mean, Tom Waits is fairly remarkable. The ones that like him, like him with a passion. Isn't "only doing the edges" sort of halfway to being remarkable? It's not like the guy doesn't sell enough to make a living.
I'm not doing the disgruntled elitist thing - I just think people capable of fresh thinking should stop spending so much time on the 'meaty part of curves'. There aren't too many as it is.
Again, I'm not disputing originality or value. Probably just a matter of timing, if certain marketing trends already hit me through other channels before I read the Godin-riffs. Doesn't mean you weren't there first. I was just expecting sort of 'perpetual freshness', and was worried I was missing something. I might be missing out on Digg, which seems, well, too democratic to my liking. The losses you take for being a cranky fella.

Anyway, here's a pretty good Windsor-knot instruction: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5678942860375307981


What a fabulous read. Well done Seth for weighing in and well done Nicholai for voicing an honest truth. This shit is good shit. I love the presentation of the video tutorial too.

Marcus Brown

No bloody excuse for that tie though is there? Mind you, it's a thin person thin (with a tummy that tie would look OK). I'm thin, and often have similar troubles with ties but there are things you can do Seth. Like not wearing one. Especially not with Jeans. Goodness.


yeah, thin and short is no excuse. Karl Lagerfeld seems to manage, after all.

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